Grain Forests Organic Millets Combo | Organic Millet Mix Combo Pack Of 5 | Millets Whole Grains Organic| Foxtail, Kodo, Little, Bajra, Ragi (500gx5 Pack) | Native Low GI Millet Rice | High Protein & 100% more Fibre than Rice

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Grain Forests Organic millets combo pack offer, Pack of 5 Kodo Millet, Little Millet, Bajra Whole grain (Pearl Millet), Thinai Rice (Foxtail Millet ) and Organic Ragi Whole Grain (Finger Millet ).Grain Forests millets to ensure nutrient density. Organic Millets are rich in dietary fiber and nutrients like iron, zinc, B vitamins. Grain Forests millets are highly nutritious, rich in fiber and gluten-free, making them easy for the body to absorb. They are rich in a huge spectrum of micronutrients, including calcium, iron, phosphorus, etc.